About Us

Instacarpet is a team of expert carpet layers that provide the highest degree of installation. Our aim is to match every customer with the highest level of installation quality, full satisfaction and warranty, as well as being time and cost effective. Helping you create your perfect home or office.

Our expertise is your satisfaction.

  • Invisible seam technique – All carpet joints are done carefully using our InvisiSeam technique, using a combination of the most advanced tools and our exclusive skill set, this ensures the highest level of bond and lowest level of visibility.
  • Full 360 degree comprehensive stretch – Our carpets are stretched tight onto every corner of your rooms. The tightness of the stretch gives the carpet the best appearance it should and will last much longer compared to installation using previous techniques.
  • Insta-installation – Our team is there when you need us. Being quick and efficient, we will complete your job within your timeframe. Most residential homes can be completed from scratch in one day by choosing us.

Our team are experts with:

  • New and old residential carpet laying.
  • Garage carpet.
  • Carpet tiles.
  • Uplift, disposal and floor preparation.